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            Real People Celebrating Real Success

            Real People Celebrating Real Success

            Beth Morse
            Age: 57 | Bay Shore, NY

            40 lbs lighter

            "BistroMD really gave me my life back. I have a whole portion of my life that I'm looking forward to, and thanks to bistroMD, it's going to be filled with new things."

            Beth's Story


            At my highest weight ever, I had pain in my hips and knees, I was out of breath on stairs, borderline diabetic and on blood pressure medication for two years. When it comes to food, I love variety and trying new things, but had fell into a pattern of eating the same as my 6'3" husband. When my daughter got engaged, I was motivated to begin my weight loss journey with bistroMD. After two weeks on the meals, which I really enjoyed from the start, I had lost about 3 pounds. I continued losing 4-5 lbs. per month and maintained the loss.
            Now, I no longer have to take blood pressure medication and with 40 lbs. down, I'm determined to continue my weight loss journey! Losing the weight gave me confidence to do more of what I enjoy - especially outdoors. We celebrated our anniversary in Greenport, Li and did hikes at Orient Point and at Mashomack Preserve on Shelter Island. On a cruise to St. John and Halifax in Canada, we did a hike at Peggy's Cove. Over time with additional weight loss, these hikes have gotten easier - and more fun!

            Why bistroMD Works

            Customized, physician-designed weight loss programs

            Scientifically balanced programs that target fat

            Individualized support from our team of Registered Dietitians to help you reach your personal goals

            Nutritionally and scientifically balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivered to your door

            What Beth Loves

            • Free Registered Dietitian Support
            • Exclusive bistroMD Facebook Community
            • Text Message Support
            • Friendly U.S.-based Member Service Team
            • Access to Customizable Menu
            • EATS Snack Program

            Let's make the next success story yours!

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